The Accounting and Payroll Administrators can work as an Accounts Payable Clerks, Accounting Clerks, Tax Clerks in Financial Accounting, Payroll Clerks or Officer, Bank Tellers and Bookkeeping Clerks in a variety of industries and companies.

Students will be equipped with basic understanding of office procedures including QuickBooks computerized accounting and other financial accounting and payroll related works. As per National Occupational Classification source, Payroll Administrators collect, verify and process payroll and accounts information and determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees within the department, company or other establishments. They are employed by the payroll administration companies and by establishments throughout the private and public sectors.

While accounting and related clerks calculate, prepare and process bills, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, budgets and other financial records according to established procedures. They are employed throughout the private and public business sectors and industry.

Illustrative examples as described further by the National Occupational Classifications includes:

• Benefits officer-payroll administration
• Pay advisor
• Pay and benefits administrators
• Pay and benefits clerk
• Pay clerk
• Payroll clerks
• Payroll officers
• Salary administration officer


At Canadian Health and Business College, Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma Program, students will be able to give you knowledge and understanding about accounting principles and bookkeeping practices specific to the Canadian jurisdiction and marketplace.

The students will also learn how to install the software, set-up of company books, create a data files, process and records accounts receivables and payables, inventory and bank/cash reconciliation through computerized accounting or the use of accounting application and software.

The areas of focus on this Program covers the information on the following aspect including the main duties and functions of an Accounting and Payroll Administrator as per NOC Codes 1311, 1431 and 1432:

• Maintain records of employee attendance, leave and overtime to calculate pay and benefit entitlements
• Prepare and verify statement of earnings for employees indicating gross and net salaries and deductions such as taxes, union dues, garnishments and insurance and pension plans
• Prepare employee payments and benefit payments by cheque or electronic transfer
• In charge for the preparation and processing of the monthly payroll
• In coordination between payroll and human resources, responsible to ensure proper flow and maintenance of employee data must be observed
• Learn and develop basic bookkeeping and how to perform day-to-day financial transactions including accounts payable and receivables
• Learn and gain fundamental knowledge on office procedures and develop business skills that is important to communicate in a dynamic atmosphere/workplace.
• Improve proper typing techniques and keyboarding accuracy
• Complete and submit on-line or paper regarding tax remittance forms, workers compensation forms, pension contributions and other government requirements and documents


Canadian Health and Business College primarily focused on providing students with the general background in basic accounting, bookkeeping, income tax fundamentals, and payroll processing. On the theoretical aspect, the College may use different version of the software or other resources that is up-to-date and most commonly use in Colleges and accounting/payroll company.

Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma Program is a full-time 45 weeks duration or equivalent to 1 year or less with a total number of 920 hours. This includes field experience and practicum or on-the-job training of 200 hours in various accounting firms/settings both in private and public settings or workplace.


There will be 3 intakes in a year. It will be delivered on a full-time study, in-class and on a Weekdays and Weekends basis only. The College will open Evening classes if the need arises. One to two days will be allotted as the research day which is counted as a regular in-class. Student(s) will be given research related to the course/subject which will be submitted when required by Instructor and will be added to their grade/performance.

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