The Canadian Health and Business College, Ltd. (CHBC) started in early 2018 situated in the Southern part of Calgary, surrounded by business offices, health clinics, restaurants and urgent care. It is one of the newest post-secondary certificates granting Institution and established by the two-brilliant people that will indulge in the unprecedented growing needs of the health science profession and business industry in our society.

Canadian Health and Business College provides a guaranteed excellent education that molds students become globally competitive not only in the health sector but also in science technology and business trade industry. Focus on the quality of teaching, enhancing a very dynamic school atmosphere that is conducive for learning and training of students in order to realize its goal and ideal “the institution that provides quality education”. The College will be starting the program on Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk and Pharmacy Assistant and intend to introduce in the near future, the other programs such as Alberta Health Care Aide, Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, Early Learning and Child Care, Addiction and Social Services Worker Program and Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist Assistant which categorizes under moderate to high demand employment as affirmed by the Alberta Learning Information System (ALIS).

To captivate further on the student’s broad view of the courses and programs and to inspire the learners to become inspired, the College launches a high quality, student focused and up to date equipment and instruments to help achieve students’ goal and objectives. This will enhance more knowledge and skills in order to promote a high regard of expertise in the health and business sector until they will become an extraordinary individual. The Canadian Health and Business College will never cease in helping student reach their ambitions not to be better but the best experience-the College will provide.

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