Student Services and Community Support

Assessing the success and well-being of international students, their academic support, and their social integration. International Students can avail of the following services through the assistance of the College.


As par of our Academic support, tutoring services are available for all subject areas. One-on-one or group tutoring is available. Reading and writing support is available in all our campuses.

     1. Calgary Distress Centre
     2. Calgary Mental Health Association
     3. Multicultural Centre and Resources in Calgary
     4. Calgary Legal Guidance for Newcomers


The College also offers the following services to the new-arrived students.

1. CHBC Student Mentorship Program. This program aims to help and socialize with the students in terms of:

          a. Regular monthly coaching
          b. Welcome new students to the CHBC community/family
          c. Provide peer-involvement in adapting to Calgary and the School
          d. Building strong connections to the new students and the current students of CHBC

2. Students are also encouraged to connect to CCISS for more programs. =Centre for Canadian International Student Services.


The College will assist our international student who are staying in Alberta for more than 12 months. Website:

International Student can register for AHCIP online, follow the link provided

For list of authorized registries agent's location, look at the link provided:

If you are staying in Alberta for less than 12 months, you must apply for a personal Healt Care Insurance. We do not have specific Health Care Insurance provider; the College want students to search for the best insurance provider for their needs and budget with the guidance of the School personnel.

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