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Official Transcript of Records (OTR) is a confidential document. As such, it cannot be sent by fax or by e-mail. Since the signature of the student or alumni is required before any record is released by the office, requests should be done personally, by mail or by fax with the signature of the requesting student or alumni. Authorization letter may be required if the requesting student cannot personally file the request and/or receive the document from the Registrar’s Office.

There are no fees for issuance of transcripts; however, all students pay a one-time transcript fee at the time of their registration with the College.

All students currently enrolled in the institution enjoy the privilege of securing certification of enrollment anytime during the academic year. They may request for a copy or copies of their temporary transcript of records issued for evaluation purposes. Official Transcript of Records are issued only to graduates of the College and to any institution or company for purposes of employment, continuance of studies – transferees or for further studies.

An official request form must be completed, and sent/mailed to the following address:

     Office of the Registrar/admission
     Suite 105, 20 Sunpark Plaza, SE
     Calgary, Alberta T2X 3T2 Canada

The Canadian Health and Business College prohibits the release of academic records without the written consent of the student. Students may obtain an official transcript of their academic records by submitting a letter of request.

Section 64, Record of FOIP sub section a.

a) Respecting the College records in the custody or under the control of the Office of Private Post-Secondary Institute, including their creation, Handling, Control, Organization, Retention, Maintenance, Security, Preservation, Disposition, Alienation, and Destruction.
b) The consideration under section 2 purposes of this act sub Sec. (a) (b)
     b.1 To allow any person a right of access to the records in the custody or under the control of a public body subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out in this Act,
     b.2 To control the manner in which a public body may collect personal information from individuals, to control the use that a public body may make of that information and to control the disclosure by a public body of that information.
c) The relation to section 4 (2) In this section and sections 23(1)(b) and 94(1)(n), “governing body” sub. Sec. (a)(b)(c).
     c.1 In relation to a university, means the board of governors or the general faculties council as described in the Post-Secondary Learning Act,
     c.2 In relation to a public college, means the board of governors or the academic council as described in the Post-Secondary Learning Act, and
     c.3 In relation to a technical institute, means the board of governors or the academic council as described in the Post-Secondary Learning Act.
d) Request of records, relation to Part 1 Freedom of Information. Division 1 Obtaining Access to Records. How to make a request section 7(1)(2)(3). Sub Sec (a)(b)
(1) To obtain access to a record, a person must make a request to the public body that the person believes has custody or control of the record.
(2) A request must be in writing and must provide enough detail to enable the public body to identify the record.
(3) In a request, the application may ask
     a. For a copy of record, or
     b. To examine the record


Applicants and international students who have landed in Canada and received a Canadian study permit based on a valid acceptance letter from the College and/or registered for a place in a Canadian Health and Business College programs are subject to this policy.

The Canadian Health and Business Colleges’ International Student withdrawal/refund policy strictly follows with the Ministry of Innovation and Advance Education Instruction and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) guidelines.

To be eligible for refund, the student must submit an official written notice by completing/signing a withdrawal/refund request form on or before the deadline date. The withdrawal/refund request form is available in the campus.

The reasons(s) for withdrawal must be provided in the form. If the student is transferring to another Canadian College or University, the name of the school must be identified. Funds can be directly transferred to the institution at student’s request. The student is required to inform the Citizenship and Immigration Canada of a school transfer through their website at

Refunds must be initiated within 30 days of withdrawal. The Financial form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Tuition, other fees, and refunds are assessed in accordance with the College’s fee schedule, refund policies and Alberta Student Contract of Private Career College Branch of Ministry of Advance Education Alberta.

The Tuition Refunds section of the Private Career Colleges Branch’s website located at is as follows:

The candidate understands that the school cannot require or accept payment of the registration fee until the candidate has signed this student contract and cannot accept payment of any other tuition or any incidental fees before the candidates Program begins (Section 14(2) of the Private Vocational Training Regulation).


The candidate understands that if this contract is terminated after the Program begins, the Institution is entitled to the payment of tuition fees as outlined in Section 17 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation, which is as follows:
     • 25% of the total tuition fees as identified in Part C: Program Cost of this contract if
     • 10% or less of the Program is provided
     • 60% of the total tuition fees as identified in Part C: Program Cost of this contract      if more than 10% but less than 50% of the Program is provided
     • 100% if more than 50% of the Program is provided.

The student must understand that if he/she paid more tuition than the Institution is entitled to under Section 17(1), the Institution must refund the candidate the difference. The candidate must understand that any refund that the Institution is required to pay will be paid to the source of payment for my tuition fees (i.e. the student, Government, agency, or person other than the student) and/or to any outstanding student loan where applicable (Section 21 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation). The candidate must understand that the Institution may withhold the candidate’s credential if the candidate does not pay the fee in full at the time of graduation.

If a student misses the deadline for withdrawal, such student will NO longer be eligible to receive any refund.
However, if the withdrawal request is due to medical or family emergency outside of the student’s control, the student may appeal to the Board of Directors for consideration. Official documentation such as doctor’s certificate is required to validate any claims of this nature.
In all cases, the application fee of $250.00 is non-refundable.
If the student is denied a Study Permit, and have requested a refund within the deadline date, the student is entitled for a refund, less a non-refundable administrative fee of $250.00. A copy of the visa denial letter issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be presented/submitted.
Subsequent semesters paid in advance: the student is eligible for a refund, less a $250.00 non-refundable administrative fee, if request made before the deadline date.
Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment as the original payment (i.e. if the student paid by wire transfer, then it will be refunded by the wire transfer to the same bank account or if the student paid by credit card, the refund will be credited to the same credit card). A cheque will be issued for student that paid by debit.
If the student is qualified for a refund and the student want the refund to be paid to a third party (a person other than student or another institution) who paid the tuition on their behalf, we require the student to sign the authorization on the Request Form to issue refund to that person. The person’s complete information including address and telephone number must be provided.
Any outstanding balances owing on the student’s account will be deducted from their refund. Refunds will be given within 6 weeks of the receipt of the Request Form (signed and type-written). The request form (see appendix F) must include all required information and documentation. The process may take longer during peak/holiday periods.

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