On Arrival

International students will be picked up by the Homestay Coordinator from the College and will bring to the host family. They will be advised to attend the general orientation conducted one day before classes starts. The College will hand-in the handbook and sign documents with the presence of the host family.


     • To call family about arrival to Canada Safe
     • Have money ready and converted to Canadian funds
     • Make note of the expiry of you study permit


     • Make copies of your documents like passport, study permit, etc. and keep them in a safe place
     • Choose a mobile provider and plan. Homestay family to assist
     • Go to the bank with homestay family to open a bank account.
     • Provide with your family and friends with your new contacts.
     • Apply for health insurance.


     • To ask host family to show you how to get to and from the school by bus or C-train
     • Attend the orientation conducted by the College one day before classes begins.


The International Student Advisor will conduct a mandatory orientation regarding:

     1. Program and Servicse
     2. Living in Calgary and City Services
     3. Being familiar living in the City as to the:
          a. Weather
          b. Festivals
          c. Events/programs/workshop
          d. School calendar
     4. Student rights and where to go for help
     5. Campus tour

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