Often, Unit Clerk and Medical Office Assistants are called Medical Office Administrator. This program is structured to deliver entirety and has access to the clinical facilities and clinical practices that will enable students attain or learn all competencies specified in the competency profile for the Health Science Profession.

It will provide a hands-on training and led by the Professional Instructors. They members of the health care delivery team and perform many administrative and basic procedures. The typical job title of Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk primary duties may require them to:

• Participate with the health care team members
• Scheduling of patient appointments
• Interview patients to complete forms, documents and case histories
• Application of claim insurances and other forms
• Maintain confidential medical files and records
• Prepare financial statements and handle billing procedures
• Plan and initiate procedural set up including those required for patient preparation and maintenance of supplies and equipment
• Assist with simple diagnostic procedures as reflected in the job description
• Performing general office work as required


Be certified to become a Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk that play a significant role in the Health Care Industry especially in managing communication and information in all areas of health and business workplace.
Upon completion of the Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk program, graduates may apply for employment in:

• Community Health Centres
• Doctor's offices
• Hospitals
• Medical or Surgical Clinics
• Pharmaceutical Firms
• Government Health Agencies
• Research and Care Agencies


The total summary of the program consists of 30 units or 28 weeks with a total number of 810 hours both Theory and Skills or Practicum. The program consists of lecture discussions through modules and hands-on computer skills that will prepare students to become well trained in the areas of experties. Each student will be provided one computer unit that will further enhance their technological/computer knowledge.

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