Academic Regulations and Requirements


In order to be qualified to enrol in any of the programs offered by the Canadian Health and Business College,
     A. An International Students must be of 18 years and older and must meet the admission requirement. It is encouraged that applicants should apply as early as possible, as the approval of study permit may take weeks to months to obtain.
     B. A candidate must be a graduate of a 4-year course or grade 12 Canadian Equivalent and must submit to the Office of the Registrar the following documents for assessment, evaluation and authentication purposes. You need to scan and email documents to or
          1. International Student Application Form
          2. College or University Diploma or it's equivalent.
          3. Transcript of Record or Record of Academic background form a recognize College or University.
          4. Professional License Card or Certificate (if any)
          5. (2) recent Government issued identification.
     C. The College will accept any assessment that is acceptable by the Alberta Advanced Education like IQAS.


Standard Admission
Students must meet ALL of the following criteria
     · Alberta high school diploma, verified by transcript, with 50% or better in Grade 12 English and a Grade 12 Mathematics, or non-Alberta equivalent
     · Successful interview with the Admission Advisor OR
     · Successful completion of the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) with a standard score of 450 or better in English and Mathematics
Mature Admission
Students must meet ALL of the following criteria
     · Be at least 18 years of age prior to admission
     · Successful test result of Entrance Examination (Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam)
     · interview with the Admission Advisor
Pre-practicum requirement
     · Current Police Information Check (PIC) with a Vulnerable Sector Search
     · Complete Immunization Record
     · CPR & First Aid certificates.


From a country where the language of instruction is not English, will need to provide an evidence of English Language Proficiency and valid for 2 years from issue date.

Acceptable English Proficiency Prior Admission:

     1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS-Academic Part). Over-all score 6.0 (
     2. Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBA) with a score of 7.0 but no section below 7 (
     3. Test of English as Foreign Language Computer-based exam (TOEFL iBT) with standard passing score of 80 with 20 in each category. (
      4. Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) with passing score of 60 points (
      5. CanTest with average passing of 4.5 (
      6. The Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELA) with 70 passing (
      7. Pearson Test of English (PTE) with minimum score of 75 points


CHBC is an institution with multi-cultural diversity. We cater all nationality from the different parts of the world.
Even though students may have a different “first language,” CHBC” is committed to providing a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and respected.

As such, it is the policy of the College that English is the only language spoken within the CHBC property and during CHBC hours when off property. This includes lunch and break times both in the classroom and clinical settings.
Canadian Health and Business College requires that everyone speak English at all times.


Method of Evaluation
     · Written Tests and Reporting
     · Comprehensive Examinations
     · Skills Performance Test/Simulation Examinations
     · Clinical Evaluations/OSCE
Grading System
The grading methods will be based on the theory and practice. This includes classroom instruction and participation, seminar, research work, assignments, seat work and performance in the practical area. It is a condition of approval that a student must be informed of the results of an evaluation of their progress in the program. Students are given 2 retakes of the exam or test. These retakes are allowed provided student must meet with the Academic Advisor for directions.


Canadian Health and Business College recognizes the importance of a regular attendance at school that supports greater student success and achievement. Attendance supports student learning and promotes a sense of responsibility that students will need as they transition from the school system to technical and post-graduate studies. The College is expected that:

     1. Students should be in school/class at least 15 minutes before the time
     2. Students must be present in all class all day-both classroom and laboratories or practical areas
     3. Attendance records are maintained and consequences apply to each course individually. There will be a corresponding percentage involved in the total grade/summary.
     4. Admittance in a lecture and laboratory may be refused by the Instructor for any tardiness, misconduct or unable to complete essential task/work.

Success in school requires regular monitoring of attendance in class and in the practical areas. Students may be legally excused from school/class for the reasons specified below.
All others will be considered unexcused that includes:
     · Student Illness (up to 2 days only with doctor’s note)
     · Death in the immediate family
     · Court Summons
     · Physical or Mental incapacity documented by health care provider
     · Observance of an approved religious holiday
     · Commitment to attend occasions (with proof)
     · State of Emergency such as storms and weather conditions
     · Children activity like field trip or other activity approved by school authorities


Canadian Health and Business College is an institution for adult learning. Students are therefore expected to conduct themselves in a mature way that does not distract from or disrupt the educational pursuits and achievements of others.
All students are expected to observe and behave especially on a particular activities, classroom and other areas or in a particular occasion.
     1. Students are expected to behave properly while in class or college premises.
     2. The College does not accept negative social behaviors such as:
          2.1 Aggressiveness
          2.2 Argumentative
          2.3 Bossy
          2.4 Deceitful
          2.5 Inconsiderate
          2.6 Rude
          2.7 Dishonesty
     3. Students must always uphold a respectful and courteous behavior while in classroom and clinical/practical areas.


Following initial enrolment, students may reschedule examinations as many times as they like, provided the student remains within the timelines described in the ‘Length of Program’ portion of the enrolment contract. Each time an examination is re-scheduled and re-take, an administrative fee of $25.00 will be charged except if sick (with doctors note) or any emergency purposes.

Start Time: Students who arrive past the scheduled start time will not be permitted to write the examination unless with valid reason otherwise student will be required to reschedule to another date.
Mandatory Identification: To gain admission to the examination room, students must present government issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s licence, passport or government issued ID). The identification must be current and valid and the name on the identification must be the same as the name that appears in the ‘Student Information’ section of the Enrolment Contract. In addition, students’ names must be included on the examination roster to write the examination. Identification will be inspected prior to the start of the examination. If it is determined to be invalid, students will not be admitted to the examination room.
Approved Items: Students may bring only pens or pencil inside the classroom or examination room and other materials if required by the Instructor. Snacks for diabetic or have medical conditions are permitted.
Prohibited Items: Students may not bring the following items into the examination room:
     1. Wireless electronic devices (such as hand-held computers)
     2. Laptop computers
     3. Cellular telephones and Pagers
     4. Dictionaries or translators
     5. Personal data assistants
     6. Headsets or any remote communication or photographic device
     7. Other electronic organizers that permit the saving of text material, course textbooks, or loose-leaf papers
Attempt: Students have the right to review a written examination with the Instructor or Designate but not allowed to take notes about the exam content or questions. Likewise, student is allowed of 2 retakes if unsuccessful. The 1st retake is free of charge but the 2nd and 3rd retake has $25.00 charge collected in each retake and must meet with the Academic Advisor and go through the Individualized Learning Plan.


The College Library serve the information needed for the College community, the scholarly world, and the general public. The resources and services of the Library have been assembled to meet the specific needs of the students of the College. The mission of the Library is based on the dual goals of providing access to information while assuring preservation of library resources and collections. In achieving these goals, the Library will ensure access for all users who need information while implementing appropriate standards to provide for the preservation of library materials and resources.

Canadian Health and Business College has an accessible library for our student. If our resources are not sufficient to our student, we recommend them to apply for the City’s Library card. To apply for a library card, students must go to a library or apply online at If you reside in Calgary (Calgary address) you can apply for a library card by visiting the webpage or personally apply at the nearest location.

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